Witches, wise ones, mamas, creatives:

Let’s bring pussy back to its rightful place at the root of our embodiment practice.

Pussy Embodiment is at the heart of everything I do. It’s what I believe has the greatest power to support authentic flourishing.

I source from over two decades of somatic and spiritual training, as well as my work leading well over a thousand students as a Sex, Love, & Relationship Teacher and a Priestessing Mentor.




Unleash Your Erotic

Collective Vibration & Mentorship Group to Support Deeper Pussy Embodiment 


Ready to go deeper into pussy liberation?

To fill your days with delight, presence and your most unleashed aliveness?

Join me for the next Touch Coven  …

For four months, we gather for profound self-pleasure experiences, Pussy Embodiment Rituals, and Coven Council meetings.

This journey will guide you to unveil who you are when your sensual nature is liberated, nourished and centered. It will drop you into that fountain of delight and aliveness that is the seat of your power.

STARTS September 2022


Custom 6-Month 1:1 Container to Support You in Holding Your Power As You Birth New Possibilities

This container is for you to create change from your deepest power & pleasure through more intentional connection with your pussy.”

All the bells are ringing. You KNOW the power within.

You’ve glimpsed it!  

You know you want to live from that seat of power. Create from there. Rest and replenish there. As much as possible. 

And, it isn’t easy to make space for your sensual aliveness within a Culture of Pussy Neglect.

Being in sacred relationship with your pussy is a journey of deep nervous system re-attunement.  Detuning from the imprints of trauma and stigma, and attuning to your own core aliveness. 

2 SPOTS Available


For Coaches, Teachers & Healers Who Want to Lead Memorable & Impactful Meditation Experiences 

I’m delighted to share everything I’ve learned in my twenty years of leading ritual practice and countless rave reviews for my Touch Sessions.

In this mini-course you get my best skills, resources and processes for leading your own trauma-informed embodiment experiences, on camera, on audio or in person.

I am currently building a beta version of this training and look forward to a first wave of practitioners joining me!  I am moving at the tempo of turn on, so join the waitlist to hear updates as they are ready to share!  My witchy suspicion is that this professional training will be ready in January 2023. <3

Waitlist is OPEN

Less striving and performing.
More flowing with pleasure.


Casey Johnson-Askoy at Wild Sexy Free

El at The Unicorn Academy ™

Pussy Embodiment is the unclenched jaw and casual hair-flip as you work your magic at your desk. 

It’s the full-bodied flow of expression on stage. 

Over Zoom. In a word document. On a date.

It’s the sensual aliveness to be present 

with yourself and your beloved. 

It’s knowing when to stop work and give yourself 

over to deep replenishment…even though things still need to get done! 

It’s more laughter in the kitchen. 

More tears when you need that release. 

It’s the badass decision nobody can stop you 

from making even though it seems absurd. 

It’s the way your aliveness radiates 

through everything you do. 

This is our work together. 


Curious to drop into your power now?

Sign up to receive my free 60 minute pussy embodiment guided pleasure practice!


Access to Parts of Yourself You May Have Lost Along the Way

“From the moment you enter space that Leigh so expertly creates, you feel held in the mastery of her skill that leads you into deeper intimacy and connection with yourself.

Leigh brings an extraordinary and poetic presence—with vulnerability, juicy, real, authentic, intimate connection to all of the work that she offers. She is the most ecstatic, lyrical woman who opens gateways so that you access parts of yourself you may never have met or have lost along the way.

If you are so lucky as to go on an in-depth journey with her as your guide, you are in for nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Leigh will be your midwife and guide. She’s a beautiful being and offers herself in devotion to your awakening.”

Elayne Kalila Doughty (she/her)

Founder of the Priestess Presence Temple


Deep Down, Primal Desire is My Birthright

WOW Is how I would describe working with Leigh. The depth with which she holds has enabled me to access a deep down, primal desire that I have come to claim is my birthright. 

Although I moved through layers of shame and anger, I have felt very safely, professionally, and exquisitely held by Leigh’s trusting guidance. With her ability to hold a soft, yet freeing, cadence with her words, I experienced a liberating sense of empowerment! 

I highly recommend doing yourself a favor, and experience the magic Leigh offers through her sacred and sensual work in the world! This work is truly awakening women to their power held within their pleasure!”  

Dianne Chalifour (she/her)

Wellness Center Owner &Transformational Guide