Witches, wise ones, mamas, creatives:

Let’s bring pussy back to its rightful place at the root of our embodiment practice.

I source from over two decades of somatic and spiritual training, as well as my work leading well over a thousand students as a Sex, Love, & Relationship Teacher and a Priestessing Mentor.

Pussy Embodiment is at the heart of everything I do. It’s what I believe has the greatest power to support authentic flourishing.




Collective Vibration & Mentorship Group to Support Deeper Pussy Embodiment 

STARTS September 2022



Custom 6-Month 1:1 Container to Support You in Holding Your Power As You Birth New Possibilities


For Coaches, Teachers & Healers Who Want to Lead Memorable & Impactful Meditation Experiences 

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Less striving and performing.
More flowing with pleasure.

Pussy Embodiment is the unclenched jaw and casual hair-flip as you work your magic at your desk. 

It’s the full-bodied flow of expression on stage. 

Over Zoom. In a word document. On a date.

It’s the sensual aliveness to be present 

with yourself and your beloved. 

It’s knowing when to stop work and give yourself 

over to deep replenishment…even though things still need to get done! 

It’s more laughter in the kitchen. 

More tears when you need that release. 

It’s the badass decision nobody can stop you 

from making even though it seems absurd. 

It’s the way your aliveness radiates 

through everything you do. 

This is our work together. 


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The Touch Coven
Unleash your erotic wisdom

Ready to go deeper into pussy liberation?

To fill your days with delight, presence
and your most unleashed aliveness?

Join me for the next Touch Coven…

For four months, we gather for profound self-pleasure experiences, Pussy Embodiment Rituals, and Coven Council meetings.

This journey will guide you to unveil who you are when your sensual nature is liberated, nourished and centered. It will drop you into that fountain of delight and aliveness that is the seat of your power.


Access to Parts of Yourself You May Have Lost Along the Way

“From the moment you enter space that Leigh so expertly creates, you feel held in the mastery of her skill that leads you into deeper intimacy and connection with yourself.  

Leigh brings an extraordinary and poetic presence—with vulnerability, juicy, real, authentic, intimate connection to all of the work that she offers. She is the most ecstatic, lyrical woman who opens gateways so that you access parts of yourself you may never have met or have lost along the way.   

If you are so lucky as to go on an in-depth journey with her as your guide, you are in for nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Leigh will be your midwife and guide. She’s a beautiful being and offers herself in devotion to your awakening.”

Elayne Kalila Doughty (she/her)

Founder of the Priestess Presence Temple


Deep Down, Primal Desire is My Birthright

WOW Is how I would describe working with Leigh. The depth with which she holds has enabled me to access a deep down, primal desire that I have come to claim is my birthright. 

Although I moved through layers of shame and anger, I have felt very safely, professionally, and exquisitely held by Leigh’s trusting guidance. With her ability to hold a soft, yet freeing, cadence with her words, I experienced a liberating sense of empowerment! 

I highly recommend doing yourself a favor, and experience the magic Leigh offers through her sacred and sensual work in the world! This work is truly awakening women to their power held within their pleasure!”  

Dianne Chalifour (she/her)

Wellness Center Owner &Transformational Guide

Awaken Your Aliveness

Six-Month 1:1 Mentorship

$15K Investment

Payment Plans Available

This container is for you to create change from your deepest power & pleasure. 

All the bells are ringing. You KNOW the power within.

 You’ve glimpsed it!  

You know you want to live from that seat of power. Create from there. Rest and replenish there. As much as possible. 

And, it isn’t easy to make space for your sensual aliveness 

within a Culture of Pussy Neglect.

Being in sacred relationship with your pussy is a journey of deep nervous system re-attunement.  Detuning from the imprints of trauma and stigma, and attuning to your own core aliveness. 


The good news is, this is “inner work” that doesn’t feel like WORK. 

It doesn’t feel like striving. It’s not performing the next-best-version of you. You are simply unearthing you.

Your essence. 

It’s delicious. 

And disruptive to the status quo!

Because the more your channels open, 

the more things around you change. 

Strong voices pipe up from your soul. Moves are made. Old structures unravel. There is grief but also plump possibility. 

What to expect from our one-on-one work:


When you meet with me, I show up with zero judgment,

a sharp mind, a loving heart and all the vast experience

hidden inside my magic bag.


Every step begins with your consent. 

We slow all the way down to the tempo of turn-on and don’t move until there’s a full-bodied yes.

I hold the sacred pause for you to tune in.

I help you discern the voices of your soul through learning the wisdom of your body.

I guide you towards resolving trauma so your portals

to pleasure are open once again.

You get clarity on what’s next.


I’m here for you in the tenderness and the tumult, when you need the skills and resources to hold your wild power.

I’m here for you in the swells of challenge and glory, with a buoy and a lighthouse to illuminate your truth.

If you are called to honor the full breadth of what is possible within your embodied aliveness, I would love to be your ally on your journey.



  • Bringing more aliveness, soul-satisfying pleasure and creativity into your work so you get things done with less striving, more joy.
  • Strengthening your relationship with yourself, and your pussy, and letting that radiate throughout your life. No longer feeling like your self-care is another to-do to strive for!
  • Exploring soul-satisfying, life-shaking sex within a secure, safe relationship, whether you’re preparing to meet your next love or already partnered.

Or all of the above!


6 Months Of Coaching Will Include:

  • 75 Minute Calls Every Two Weeks 

(12 Sessions Total):

We go deep into the subtle shapes of what’s present for you. I draw on a range of tools and approaches to help you melt into your body with a basis of safety and deep consent. You will learn and practice skills to attune to pussy and source from your power on a regular basis. You’ll be supported in making decisions based on your body’s wisdom, so you never get stuck in fight, flight, fawn or freeze and instead, stay moving on the path of your unique blueprint.

  • Abundant Support Via 

Email and Whatsapp:

This is a co-evolving relationship. I’m honored to be there for you in the micro-moments of choice and change, helping you tune into what your body is telling you.


  • Membership in the Touch Coven: 

Access my library of Pussy Embodiment audios and videos and join with a powerful gathering of witches, healers, artists, mamas, and wild women.


Fill out the application, & then we’ll dive into a free call. We’ll go into the depths of what’s calling you this season and make sure we’re an excellent fit for each other. 


Let’s talk if you’re ready to:

  • Make sacred space to slow down and connect with your body and spirit through your pussy. Let it become your new favorite self-care.
  • Draw deeper into your sexuality to experience the full range of sensation and pleasure in bed and in your day to day life.
  • Get clear on your soul’s desires and be mentored into your own unique transmission, what the world needs to hear from you.
  • Untap the wellspring of erotic juices that can ease the flow of making money, making new work and making love.


& then we can book a feeler call together


Intuitive, Intelligent & Connected Care

“I had the enormous pleasure and privilege of working with Leigh Senna over the course of 2021. Not only is Leigh a gifted and compassionate teacher/coach, she is a profoundly ethical human being, deeply rooted in primal collective wisdom, an activist in the truest sense of the word, and a champion for women’s and the world’s pressing issues.

Leigh embodies possibly the most offbeat and wonderful sense of humor I have ever encountered in one delicious human, which to my mind, makes her an even greater, more magical soul.

I feel deeply grateful and blessed to have been guided by her and would recommend her work without hesitation to anyone seeking intuitive, intelligent and connected leadership and care. Leigh, I feel tremendously fortunate to have you in my life.”

Linda Prystawska (she/her)

Sexual Empowerment Coach


Leigh Knows How to Catalyze You & Also Soothe You

Leigh is such a gift. Her openness and genuine interest to connect helped me feel comfortable and safe with her right away. Leigh is able to embody the full spectrum. She knows how to catalyze you and also soothe you. She uses her full body presence to evoke you. There is a transmission in the way that she moves. What captures me the most in Leigh is her liveliness. There is something contagious about how fully she lives, and it inspires me to want to live fully too. Thank you Leigh for helping women activate their pleasure in such a comfortable way. Your medicine is greatly needed.”


Meghan Lockhart (she/her)

Intuitive Mentor




Supercharge Your Coaching

Lead & Produce Highly Memorable & Impactful Meditation Experiences

For Coaches, Healers, Priestesses, Somatic Practitioners & All Who Are Called to Channel Deep Presence!

What is it about those meditation sessions that have you fully melt into surrender? Those teachers who seem to take you so deep within your body?

I’m delighted to share everything I’ve learned in my twenty years of leading ritual practice and countless rave reviews for my Touch Sessions.

In this mini-course you get my best skills, resources and processes for leading your own trauma-informed embodiment experiences, on camera, on audio or in person. 


Learn the technique behind choosing words that allow people to safely connect to their own bodies, AND, adapt it to your own unique transmission. 

We’ll cover everything from being in your own presence to music selection and timing. The result is high-impact, trauma-informed experiences that keep clients coming back. 

I am currently building a beta version of this training and look forward to a first wave of practitioners joining me!  I am moving at the tempo of turn on, so join the waitlist to hear updates as they are ready to share!  My witchy suspicion is that this professional training will be ready in January 2023. <3