Who are you when your Pussy is free, nourished & embodied?

Come Unveil Your Aliveness In…

A Pussy Embodiment Circle

with Leigh Senna

4-month journey to prioritize and liberate your wild & generative pussy nature.

consent-led. trauma-informed. deeply delicious.

or 5 monthly payments of $300


Who are you when your Pussy is free, nourished & embodied?

Come Unveil Your Aliveness In…

A Pussy Embodiment Circle

with Leigh Senna

4-month journey to prioritize and liberate your wild & generative pussy nature.

consent-led. trauma-informed. deeply delicious.

or 5 monthly payments of $300


Pussy is the root of our being. 

The source of life on earth. 

The epicenter of our power.

No wonder patriarchy 

works so hard to kill our pleasure. 

Can you imagine who we’d be in a society that centered our sexual health, freedom, and wellbeing?

Instead we face a culture that shames our bodies, traumatizes our sexuality, and tries to stuff our pleasure into an efficient box.

We hold onto our humanity in a system that prefers us as machines. That has us sitting on pussy for long hours each day, suppressing our nerve endings!

I created Touch Coven for us to reclaim & re-center our relationship with pussy.

To care for its juicy, soft enfolding nature.

Because I believe that when we do, all kinds of beautiful magic opens up…

For Witches, Priestesses, Mamas, Coaches, Creators & Visionaries in all seasons of life— 

Whether you’ve known pussy for decades or you’re at the start of meeting your magic—


  • You feel the call to PRIORITIZE your wild & generative Pussy Nature as a force of healing, connection and aliveness. A way to stay close to yourself, your truth, your needs, and what you really want in life – and be liberated to express it all. 
  • You’re interested in learning to participate in your life with your entire body, including your pussy, your arousal and your wild pleasure. 
  • You’re ready to live by the deeper truths and capacities that are available when your sensual wellness is centered and supported with the collective power of a coven. 
  • You know there’s a well spring of erotic juice inside of you, but struggle to connect with it consistently or easily: you will feel alive inside again, calmer, happier and not needing external things to feel whole.
  • You’re moving fast to attend to the demands of life, and long for re-connection with the tempo of turn-on:  your relationship with pussy can renew you to show up for your true needs and say no to everything else.
  • You manage a high creative output: being deeply attuned to your pussy can keep your soulful expression hydrated & flowing. 
  • You want more spark and sacredness in your love life: pussy may be holding the courage and passion you need for a rapturous rebirth. 
  • You’re already initiated into pussy magic: deepening your practice will continue to peel away new layers of your truth, power and magic. 
  • You want to take your self-expression and soul embodiment to the next level of aliveness: your pussy may hold the life-shaking truths that will show you the way.
  • You’re healing from trauma: this is a trauma-informed space where you move at the pace of your body’s consent, and honor every emotion and sensation that arises.
  • You experience pelvic pain, abnormal pap smears, numbness or chronic illness in your womb-space: tuning into your pussy can show your own tremendous healing power.
  • You know deep inside that you’re meant to be a priestess, witch or wizard of your own spell-binding version of aliveness, and a deep reverential relationship with your pussy is a missing piece of your well-practiced magic.

She pours her entire being into every moment spent with clients and students alike.

I have always left a session or class with her feeling dramatically changed and touched, as though by some transformational force of nature.

Thank you Leigh, for sharing your gifts so freely, deeply, and thoroughly… in doing so, you’ve helped myself and countless others feel brave enough to dive inwards & do the same. Can’t thank you enough.

Amanda De Freitas (she/her) ~ Artist

IG @miuzia & @amanda_the_love_warrior

Leigh’s pleasure practices are deeply joyful. 

She once called herself a “Magical Pussy DJ” and that is just right.  I love her choice of music and her pacing of practice.  She fosters a wildness and a surrender in me that I had not touched before working with her. 

She has an intuitive, improvisational style.  It is part of what makes her unique as a mentor and a coach.  Presence in this moment, right here, right now, is her strength.  From opening to closing of her ritual space, she is IN IT with me. 

Kate Cee (she/her)


What exactly happens in TOUCH COVEN?

We gather together once a week for four months, spiraling through a pussy reclamation journey. 

You are encouraged to join us live as much as possible and can also look forward to having the recordings if you can’t make time or want to revisit the learnings and practices. 

What exactly happens in TOUCH COVEN?

We gather together once a week for four months, spiraling through a pussy reclamation journey. 

You are encouraged to join us live as much as possible and can also look forward to having the recordings if you can’t make time or want to revisit the learnings and practices. 



The Coven Convenes for the very first time. We form our sacred space, share reflections, and get inspired for the journey to come.



Pussy Embodiment Ritual 


Every first week of the month enjoy a session of embodied learning and ritual practice that will empower you with self-knowledge and the keys to a shame-free relationship with your pussy.

Week 1 Ritual: 

Embodied Pussy Anatomy

Learning the sacred sites of pussy with pussy massage techniques 

Week 2 Ritual: 

Pussy Mapping

Unveiling your personal pussy topography to unlock self knowing & pussy care empowerment

Week 3 Ritual: 

Pussy Codes

Intimate exploration of the weave between your nervous system and your arousal

Week 4 Ritual: 

Pussy Domestication to Pussy Freedom

Identify how your pussy has been domesticated, and map freedom points to center & savor pussy liberation


Touch Your Erotic 


In the privacy of your own sanctuary, these deep transmission-based self-pleasuring experiences will drop you into your body’s own coherency.

After this delicious experience, you will be open to your body’s oracle, simmering in aliveness, truth and a palpable connection to your pussy.

Week 1 Touch Theme: 

Unveiling Erotic Whispers

Week 2 Touch Theme: 

Savoring & Centering Pleasure

Week 3 Touch Theme:

Evoking Wild Nature

Week 4 Touch Theme: 

 Pussy & Eros Initiation


The Coven Council Convenes 

(Coaching Support AND Q&A: 60 MINUTES or as long as needed)

You can come with questions or celebrations, fears or curiosities…everything is welcome about you and your pussy process in this council space.

Sometimes there is healing in simply being witnessed and supported in our humanity. 

Other times you may want to bring what is standing in your way to receive more specific support as your process unfolds.  This is akin to a group coaching call where I am available for laser coaching & mentorship.



Enjoy a week of unscheduled time to deepen into all that’s shifting within. 

Each integration week, I offer a guided meditation audio as well as journaling prompts for you to clear what’s being shed and harvest what’s been planted.


Circle Closing Call

Our final Coven Council meeting. An opportunity for celebration, integration, connection and closure.


 This sacred sensual experience marries the transformational quality of yoga, breath work or body work with the pleasurable feeling of going to the spa.

Before we begin, you’re invited to turn off your camera and microphone.

As your guide, I connect to the energy of the group and the season to offer timely ministry for your pussy, body and spirit, all set to music. (Some call me a Pussy DJ!)

As you soften into your body, I invite you into a sensuous self-pleasure practice that may include touching your vulva, breasts, and internal yoni, or simply honoring the desires of your body and heart as they are, no erotic touch necessary.

You will be led at the pace of consent through a deeply felt spiritual experience of your sensation, your presence and your aliveness.

At the end of our Touch meeting, you can set aside additional time to reflect & journal about your experience.



All You Need to Drop In:

  • Set up in a warm, undisrupted room so you can disrobe.
  • Have skin-friendly oil nearby.
  • Option to bring a jade egg or crystal dildo if you have one—they are definitely not needed.
  • Make sure your speakers are at a volume to hear the music and my pussy ministry.
  • If you’d like, clear the energy and set the mood with your choice of fragrance and lighting. 

If you’re unable to create this quality of space at our meeting time, no worries! 

Each session is recorded for you to enjoy anytime you want to drop into the power of pussy. 

Ready to enlarge your capacity for pleasure, presence and power?

Join Touch Coven to access an initiatory practice & spend time with your pussy.

Hi, I’m Leigh Senna. (She/her)

Coach, priestess & late-blooming sensual badass helping witchy folks connect with the restorative and enlivening power of their pussy.

If someone told me a decade ago I’d lead guided self-pleasuring circles I would’ve laughed…

…Because I myself didn’t orgasm until age 29! Until that point, I never felt a single drop of pleasure in my pussy. I was convinced something was wrong with me!

The truth is, there was nothing wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with any of us. There was and IS a lot wrong with our culture.

That’s why I’ve devoted my life to guiding us to release the patriarchy’s hold on our bodies and drop into a deeply felt experience of our pussy medicine & magic.

I’ve learned from many beautiful teachers and want to honor them here: Elayne Doughty from Priestess Presence; Melissa Michaels from Golden Bridge; Layla Martin from the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach Institute; Jane Hawley from Luther College; and Devi Ward from the Institute of Authentic Tantra.

When I’m not leading this Pussy Embodiment, I’m a Senior Teacher for the Vital and Integrated Tantric Arts Institute where I’ve taught over a thousand students. I’ve been devotedly apprenticing as a Priestess for the past 7 years and have spent 13 years training in permaculture and contributing to the regenerative agriculture movement.

I live with my sweet hubby and two daughters on 6 acres outside of Asheville, NC that we are filling with food gardens, flowers, happy animals, and beauty.

I created TOUCH COVEN for you to have support & a pussy-centered culture on the journey into your pussy awakening.


6 LIVE Coven Council Meetings:

An hour-long group video call with Leigh each month, plus an opening & closing circle, so you have abundant opportunities to be witnessed and receive coaching around your challenges, desires, and what your body is telling you. If you can’t make a meeting, all recordings will be included!  It is important to me that everyone is tended to who needs support so we will go over an hour if not everyone has been called on.  Depending on the size of each Touch Coven I can also add more Coven Councils to accommodate a larger group.

4 LIVE* 75-Minute Pussy Embodiment Rituals:

These are for you to get to know yourself intimately. Your pussy anatomy, the topography within you, your different energies and pleasure capacities.

You’ll tune into your body and discover what you’re called to heal as you cultivate a shame-free relationship with pussy. These sessions close with a 15-minute Q&A.

*Recordings included!

4 LIVE* 60-Minute Touch Your Erotic Sessions:

Each month is a deeper erotic initiation into pussy. From the privacy of your home, with your camera off, you’ll tune into your pussy and let the embodiment transmission & playlist melt you into your body’s own coherency.

This is where you’ll unveil more of your pussies essence. Unleash the whispers of your soul. At the end you’ll take some time to just be with the oracle of your body, integrating that vibration of truth and power.

*Recordings included!

4 Guided Audio Meditations for Integration Weeks:

These short 15-30 minute recordings are specifically designed to help you integrate everything you’ve unveiled, enlivened and enlarged over the past month. They’ll help you digest, celebrate and determine next steps on your journey.

Lifetime Access to the Touch Coven Replay Library to support your pussy embodiment any time you need!



or 5 monthly payments of $300.

The more you nourish & connect 

with Pussy… 

The more you uncover new layers of 

latent sexual aliveness that flow into 

all areas of your life. 

I wanted to send you some deep gratitude for holding Touch. It has been a TREMENDOUS tool for me in healing from my latest pregnancy loss, and I wanted you to know that! The trauma, and memories, and emotions stored in my body – that I didn’t realize were there – are coming out, layer by layer, in the most gentle and beautiful way.

Rachel Loewenherz (she/her)



Making a decision to heal from sexual trauma and awaken to pleasure in my body at the age of 50 was one of the most vulnerable and life changing decisions I’ve ever made. Leigh’s sacred, compassionate, and un-intimidating presence allowed me explore and uncover my desires as well as my capacities for sexual aliveness that had been latent for decades and buried deep in my subconscious. I’m deeply grateful.

Kristen H. (she/her)



  • Like yourself because you’ve included all of yourself in your embodiment practice, including your pussy.
  • Grounded and relaxed, knowing what your body needs next and what to do now.
  • At home and confident in your body & desires, because you’ve dissolved shame, judgment, pressure or force!
  • Attuned to your intuition and your body’s core knowing.
  • Liberated sexually to experience more pleasure, passion and expression alone and with partners.
  • Expressive and creative because you’re moving energy at your root, your source is more open.
  • Courageous to take risks and speak more of your truth.
  • Devoted to a regular relationship with your pussy and your magic!

Ready to prioritize your wild pussy nature?


You don’t have to perform bliss 

in this sanctuary. 

I want you to have a sacred sensual experience where the only person you have to please is YOU. 

Where you don’t have to bottle up your insecurities and emotions. 

Pussy holds all the terrains of human experience. None is more virtuous or valid than the other.

The yummy juicy highs of joy and satisfaction. 

The gut-wrenching grief, frustration and rage. 

All can be honored, released and integrated through the power of pussy. 

I guide you into a place of deep acceptance so you can experience whole body pussy connection and radical self consent.

This is a space where all of you is welcome.

Self-pleasuring together 

is a feminist practice.

It’s not normal in this repressed culture for women to gather with the purpose of cultivating a relationship with their pussy.

We are changing that.

We are more powerful together, so it is when we practice our pleasure together.

To be in each other’s energy. To encourage each other, even across a distance in our own corners of the world. 

When you join Touch Coven, you’ll begin to deepen your relationship to your body, pussy, and the erotic.