Professional Training and Lineage 

My work is trauma-informed, wildly feminist, and grounded in over two decades of study, practice and teaching experience.

What does that mean?


My trauma studies inform how I approach pacing, create safety, and establish consent. 

We attune to you and your needs, together.  We listen to your body, together. We go as slow or fast as you want, together.

Your pussy will be our guide.


Wildly feminist means all pussies are beautiful and all pussies deserve to be touched, cared for, and cherished. 

It means recognizing the patriarchal, colonial pressure that turns our bodies into something to be extracted from. A source of labor rather than a sacred fountain of pleasure. 

It means unlearning the stories that have for too long kept people with pussies trapped in rigid gender norms, shame and stigma.

It also means this work is grounded in consent and supporting you in honoring the voices of your truth within. 


I would love to share about my lineage with you. 

Many wise teachers have shaped my work…

  • I am currently training with trauma resolution educator & coach Rachael Maddox in her small group mentorship. Rachael’s methods for releasing our cultural & traumatic imprints into living our own unique blueprint have been hugely influential to my own blossoming as well as the work I do with my own clients. So often we need sacred space with a trusted guide to reflect back who we are. 
  • The experience of teaching over a thousand students and becoming a Senior Teacher at Layla Martin’s Vita Institute for Love, Sex and Relationship has been foundational for me as a coach, mentor and Priestess in the sacred sexuality space. This was one of those wild, unlikely opportunities created through pussy magic. I started as her student and ultimately received my certification as a Sex, Love & relationship Coach before becoming a Senior Teacher. 
  • I’ve been devotedly apprenticing in Priestessing with the amazing Elayne Doughty for the past 7 years. Through her I was initiated into this ancient mystery tradition through which we remember our connection with the divine feminine, our body and the sacred.
  • Melissa Michels has mentored me for 15 years in dance-based Right of Passage work, which has been foundational to my embodiment and my own initiatory journey. 
  • I’ve studied Trauma and the Body with Stacy Haines at the California Institute of Integral Arts. Her work at the crossroads of Social Justice, Somatics and Trauma Psychology have been key to the way I hold space on a foundation of awareness and consent. 
  • I began my journey into the depths of human sexuality through my certification training with Tantra Expert Devi Ward. 
  • Did I mention I’m a farm geek? I have spent 13 years training in Permaculture and 7 contributing to the regenerative agriculture movement. Huckleberry Leonard has been my Permaculture Teacher. There is so much overlap between cultivating the land holistically and cultivating our pussy relationship. 
  • Lynx Vilden mentored me in Primitive Living Skills. These ways have so much to reveal about our ancient relationship with the earth and our bodies, pre-patriarchy and colonialism. 
  • Starting with his books and then his retreats, I’ve been learning from depth psychologist and wilderness guide Bill Plotkin on and off for over 15 years. He’s taught me a lot about how we can work with the self and soul through nature to become initiated adults in our full-bodied power. 
  • I received my BFA in Gender and Culture, where my influential teacher and mentor was Jane M. Hawley, a leader in Authentic Movement, Somatic-based Choreography, and Functional Movement based in anatomy. This was the true beginning of my study of the human body.
  • My major centered around anthropology, specifically gender and women’s studies. This has always given me a feminist and anti-oppresive lens when it comes to gendered sexuality, pussy liberation and the experience of growing up with a pussy on this planet.