You are invited to join an initiatory temple experience with the 13 faces of the divine feminine archetypes.

Each archetype holds a precious and powerful transmission that helps us become more present & clear within ourselves.

Each archetype supports you to stand in your liberated embodiment, feminine genius & leadership.

Join a small, hand selected group of women for an incredible coven experience & journey into the heart of Temple.

Witches, priestesses and difficult women got burned for a reason.


Because when women are connected to their wisdom traditions, they are a threat to the status-quo.


Empowered wise women

Tell the truth


Form alliances

… and make Magic.

In their life, and in the world.

And…let’s be real. You can’t access a wisdom tradition on your own.

You need to learn the arts and the rituals from elders and initiates. You need to learn it with other people. You need structure, support, and a well-held container. You need ritual space to feel the transmission. You need to practice and you need places to come back to with your questions and feedback.

That’s how lineages are passed on.

That’s how you become the transmission, and channel the archetypal energy of the ages.

And that’s what the Priestess Archetypal Initiation Temple is.

Hi, I’m Leigh Senna. In the old days, my job title would have been “priestess”. These days, we call that a coach or teacher. I’m good with all three!

My work in the world is about unveiling the power of women. It’s about making sure we’re feeling it and feeling ourselves.

To me, that comes from physical and spiritual embodiment. We need to be connected to our selves, our souls, our sexuality, our wisdom traditions, and each other.

And when we are? WATCH OUT.

A little more about me:

    • I’ve been apprenticing as a priestess in The 13 Moon Mystery School for the last eight years
  •  I have a BA in Gender & Culture and I’m trained and qualified as a Rite of Passage Guide
  •  I’ve trained over 1,500 women to become Sex, Love and Relationship coaches
  •  I’m a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach
  •  Over the last 20 years, I’ve trained in somatics, body work, holistic movement and therapeutic/ expressive arts

What all of that means for you is that I have the chops and deep knowledge to guide you in remembering, experiencing and embodying the womanly arts & archetypal energies that can change your life.

They’re yours. Reclaim them.

~ It is my honor to introduce you to the 13 Divine Feminine Archetypes ~


I surrender. I receive.

We cannot open to Mother’s love when we are full. We are called to surrender everything in the Mystery, to be willing to open, to receive her love. This is the seminal teaching of this priestess path: to open we have to surrender what is in the way of us receiving.

I recognize. I seed.

The Goddess of Compassion is the gateway of seeing where we hold judgment, where we hold others out of love, where we hold ourselves out of love, where we judge, where we find it hard to forgive. She asks us to be willing to enter her compassionate heart, not as an idea, but as a feeling, as an embodiment.

I amplify in stillness.

The Priestess shows us how to walk the path of deep intuition & knowing.  To inhabit ourselves in a centered and still way, and to tune in and amplify all that we receive from our knowing.

I focus. I create.

The Creator Destroyer Preserver sets you free from any half-truths & stuck patterns that no longer serve you.  She rips off the false masks you hid behind & unhinges your limitations.  She is the raw power to destroy, create, or preserve in service to your freedom.

I intend. I empower.

The Lady of Communion says, “I charge you with taking action in the world connected to essence. I charge you with knowing that whatever you choose to focus on you create”.

I play. I inspire.

The muse is about freeing up your inner child, your divine innocence; the innocence that preceded any wounding that happened to you on this planet. The muse is about reclaiming the part of you that is eternally playful, eternally creative. The part of you that is always able to find novel and interesting solutions to life’s challenges.

I feel. I respond. I beautify.

The goddess of love invites us to simply be with what is and love ourselves exactly as we are right now. Can you be in the dance of giving and receiving so that you no longer know what is being given and what is being received? When we remove the obstacles to love, love flows like a river from our hearts. There is no getting. There is no giving. There is just the simple circuitry of love.

I fuel. I consume.

The most seminal goal for the primal goddess is freedom, freedom of expression: uninhibited, un-culturally programmed, authentic and natural expression of your innate essence.

I align. I challenge. I clarify.

The way of the initiator is the way of truth. She acknowledges and empowers through challenge. She prunes to encourage growth. Catalyzes change, expands perception and ripens potential. She helps us align with our essential truth and keeps us in harmony with it.

I simplify. I resonate.

The wise woman says, “Less is more.” Are you willing to pair things down to the quintessence, and just show up with that? Can you live from the polished jewel of your being shining brightly in its simplicity.

I dream. I connect.

The Weaver Dreamer brings us back into this lucid thread that’s the connection between our essence, our bigger mythic self, and our personality, and reminds us that we are playing out a much bigger story than the one in which we’re conscious of in our small ego separation.

I release. I trust.

The Queen of Death is the gateway through which you are called to enter and release all that is dying or dead within you. She is the gateway at which many beings become stuck for they are too attached to who they have been and to the comfort or discomfort of the old, outmoded, ego storylines. All the ways in which you withhold yourself from living are connected to the fear of this gateway.

I am freedom. I am grace. I am union.

The Alchemical Goddess is the shapeshifter who can visit with any face of the goddess, any frequency, at any moment. What is it to be a shapeshifter, what is it to be willing to enter into the space where you are living in impermanence, in constant shifting and changing?


  • Expand yourself as a vessel able to receive the Goddess & the gifts each archetype has to offer you.
  • Invite you into direct embodiment experiences with the 13 divine feminine archetypes — and that, in turn, invokes a direct knowing & remembering of this energy within you.
  • Call forth the coherency & resonance of your soul.
  • Ask you to take responsibility for your shadows.
  • Catalyze change in your life.
  • Create more possibilities for wild, witch cackling, ecstatic-freedom-moments in your day to day life.

She pours her entire being into every moment spent with clients and students alike.

I have always left a session or class with her feeling dramatically changed and touched, as though by some transformational force of nature.

Thank you Leigh, for sharing your gifts so freely, deeply, and thoroughly… in doing so, you’ve helped myself and countless others feel brave enough to dive inwards & do the same. Can’t thank you enough.

Amanda De Freitas (she/her) ~ Artist

IG @miuzia & @amanda_the_love_warrior

Leigh Knows How to Catalyze You & Also Soothe You 

Leigh is such a gift. Her openness and genuine interest to connect helped me feel comfortable and safe with her right away.

Leigh is able to embody the full spectrum.  She uses her full body presence to evoke you. There is a transmission in the way that she moves. What captures me the most in Leigh is her liveliness. There is something contagious about how fully she lives, and it inspires me to want to live fully too.

Thank you Leigh for helping women activate their pleasure in such a comfortable way. Your medicine is greatly needed.”

Meghan Lockhart (she/her), Intuitive Mentor

~ The flow of the year ~

You will sit in a total of 25 Live Temple Experiences throughout the year. 

Each archetype will have 2 temples. (This generally means there are 2 temples per month.)

An Initiation Temple that is 1.5 – 2 hours long

An Deepening Temple that is 1.5 hours long

The final archetype (The Alchemical Goddess) will have 1 live temple experience

What you receive:

  • Additional audio meditation journey for each archetype every month to provide embodiment & energetic support.
  • Color frequency is an important part of temple.  Each archetype has a color that represents the essence of her energy, and you are invited to come to our zoom temple experiences dressed IN the color frequency of the archetype, and have your zoom camera on.
  • Replays will be available the following day, & you will have access to all of the temple replays as long as exists!

We will hold Temples as a collective on Zoom and will be recorded so you can re-experience it later, or get the experience even if your schedule conflicts. That being said, coming live to the temples will give you personal support, archetypal mentoring with me, & is a powerful way to be witnessed in the vulnerability of being touched by each archetype.  I encourage each of you to set up your 2023 schedule to be present during the temples so you can cast a sacred container for yourself throughout next year.


If you desire more 1:1 support, I am offering an additional 75 minute coaching call per archetype & Whatsapp support Mon – Thurs each week for an additional $500/month. Please let me know if this option calls to you. (Total investment would be $1k per month for 12 months).


This work requires a level of emotional resource & groundedness in your life. Your current life conditions may make it challenging to participate in temple, and I reserve the right to choose who will participate. You do not need to perform perfection or try to present yourself in any certain way in order to be accepted into temple. Please feel as comfortable as possible to just be you. And, please know that if you are in financial instability, feeling super ungrounded, and are in a season of being under-resourced and burnt out….this is not the best time to be doing this quality of inner work.


If you are called to join, or if you have questions and want to sit with me for a 30 minute call, please schedule a time to meet with me! The “application” process IS getting on a zoom call with me!

Remember Your Wholeness

Become more present & clear within yourself.

Stand in your liberated embodiment, feminine genius & leadership.

Be held in a resonant field of archetypal wisdom…
…and remember, in your bones, that their wisdom is your own.

This is women’s work.

Join a small, hand selected group of women
for an incredible coven experience & journey into the heart of Temple.

Thank you for taking the time to read this invitation, and consider joining me for an incredible 2023 year of potent Temple work.

In devotion ~
Leigh Senna

From the moment that you enter into the space that Leigh so expertly creates, you feel held in the mastery of her skill to lead you into deeper intimacy and connection with your own self.

Leigh brings an extraordinary and poetic presence deep with vulnerability, juicy, real, authentic and intimate connection to all of the work that she offers.

If you are so lucky as to go on an in depth journey into deeper connection with yourself with her as your guide, then you are in for nothing short of an extraordinary experience.

Elayne Doughty (she/her)
Founder of The Priestess Presence Temple

Leigh fosters a wildness….

She has an intuitive, improvisational style.  It is part of what makes her unique as a mentor and a coach. 

Presence in this moment, right here, right now, is her strength. From opening to closing of her ritual space, she is IN IT with me.

Kate Cee (she/her)