I want to see you fiercely connected to your full-bodied power.

Hi. I’m Leigh Senna. (She/Her).

I’m a Pussy Priestess.

I support you to drop into your body’s

erotic wisdom & wellness…

And create spaces that invite you to radiate

your aliveness in everything you do.

My work is trauma-informed, wildly feminist, and grounded in over two decades of deep experience.

I bring together my many years as a Sex, Love & Relationship Teacher & Coach, a Priestess leading Right of Passage work, a Permaculture Gardner, an Authentic Dance Instructor, a Mama, and an initiated adult on her own journey to the depths of pleasure.

I have taught over a thousand students as a Senior Teacher in Layla Martin’s Vita Institute, apprenticed with Priestess Elayne Doughty and ventured into the wilderness of the soul with Bill Plotkin, among many others …

As a seasoned teacher, mentor & priestess, my mastery is in:

Curating Transformation Rooted in Your Pleasure

I’m excellent at guiding you to unveil what makes you feel alive and helping you make space to experience that aliveness. Learning to source from and center in your genuine pleasure through nuanced connection with pussy is a healing transformation. 

Sensual Midwifery for Soul Satisfaction 

I have a wellspring of ways to co-create practices and processes that call forth your very own siren of sensuality. You’ll feel your luscious aliveness blossom within your body, lubricating your entire life.

Establishing Embodied Coherency

My grounding guidance drops you so deliciously into your body so that you experience each session from within yourself, your center and your truth. I’m known for my lyrical, sensual and profound transmission. #bestjobever

Ritual Threshold Crossing

Dominant culture puts us in such a rush to get to the next level that we fail to harvest the richness of the now. My skill is helping you mark all that is changing in your body, in your life, in the stories you tell yourself. This keeps you stabilized so you do less striving, & more flowing.

Dissolving Sexual Shame 

I hold judgment-and-shame-free space to share whatever is real about all.the.things. Sex, body, fears, insecurities. The places you may have never shared because of feeling self-consciousness. 

Giving You Permission to Do What Sparkles

I’ve always had this innocence and wonder about me. It helps me see beyond cultural constructs. To normalize the full breadth of human sensuality and the alternative lifestyles that come with that. My perspective can open up what’s possible so you feel free to go there.

Trauma-Aware Space Holding 

My words take you on an adventure. But you are the one in charge. We move at your pace, with respect for your innate wisdom. You make decisions based on your body’s signals and sensations. This supports you to dissolve the imprints of trauma and unveil your body’s blueprint. 

Keeping a Critical Eye on the Patriarchy

None of us is ever broken. It’s thousands of years of patriarchy and the resulting cultural norms that have stifled the power of pussy. I believe blooming fully into our sensual power is a potent way to dismantle patriarchal norms and create a just and caring culture. 

How did I get so good at all this?

To see my professional training and certifications,

go here.

Witches, mamas, priestesses,

leaders, guides, cultural creators & visionaries in all seasons of life— 

We all belong to pussy. 

To have a close intimate relationship with pussy 

is our nature, our birthright.

Witches, mamas, priestesses,

leaders, guides, cultural creators & visionaries in all seasons of life— 

We all belong to pussy. 

To have a close intimate relationship with pussy 

is our nature, our birthright.

The challenge is that we weren’t raised in a culture that initiates adults into their bodies’ sacred wisdom. 

Instead, we have patriarchy. A culture that disconnects us from our bodies and our power. 

That keeps us sitting on pussy for long hours each day, dulling all the nerve endings. 

That says pussy is dirty, strange and shameful.

And teaches that performing pleasure for men is more important than learning to resource our own. 

I would know. I spent ⅓ of my life inorgasmic because of the fucking patriarchy!

Seriously. I was 29 years old and had birthed an entire human being through my pussy before I had my first orgasm….


The moment I glimpsed the full power of pussy, 

I was all in. 


After 29 years of crying myself to sleep after sex because once again I felt not a damn drip of sensual pleasure, I made a decision. 

After all, ten years earlier when my mother passed away, a spell was cast. It said:

~ Learn how to live this one preciouslife in full bloom. ~

I decided to apply this spell to my sex and dive into

 The Chamber of Pussy Secrets. 

In learning the truth about my body, I stepped out of the patriarchal framework that said my body was broken, weird and not capable of orgasm…

As it turned out, my sexuality wasn’t straightforward. 

It didn’t look the way it did in the movies. It was vast and textured and nuanced and unique to me. 

It wasn’t a costume that could be taken on and off. It was always there, alive and pulsing, a life-force to be tended and centered as much as body and soul. 

The more I received therapeutic touch, created a sense of safety in my nervous system, and expanded my capacity for sensual experience, the more my pussy channels opened and strengthened.

The more I connected to my core essence. 

Prioritizing my pleasure brought big unforeseen changes to my life. 

I broke up with my partner as it became clear he couldn’t join me on this pleasure journey. 

I became a single mom and took wild leaps towards my financial sovereignty. 

I lived in one-room cabins in the woods and started a CSA of local clean organic pussy and breast care. 

I did things I knew were right for me even though no one else believed in me. Like getting my Real Estate license even though everyone said:  

“But you’re the biggest hippy!”

It didn’t matter what they said. 

I wanted to buy a house without relying on a man, and be in pleasure while I did it.

For the first time I was clearly hearing the voices within, and accepting my truth without judgment.

And I have been stirring the cauldron with all things Pussy Embodiment ever since. (Read more about my professional certifications and lineage here.)

Pussy Embodiment supports 

you to boldly follow your aliveness.

After a few years of selling houses, apprenticing as a Priestess, and becoming a certified sex coach, I retired from Real Estate.

I became a Sex, Love & Relationships Teacher and now a Pussy Priestess.

Today I live with my triple S husband (soulful, sexy and securely attached), our two daughters, and a growing family of animals on our little farmstead on Cherokee Land.

You can often find me here on our permaculture plot, tending the gardens, making happy soil or milking my two cows, Dora & Topaz…

Or else keeping it soulful in a Zoom class, a 1:1 coaching session, or a Pussy Embodiment workshop.

Come over for a retreat, and I’ll cook you every breakfast with wild foraged foods. In between private outdoor pussy rituals and howling at the moon I will even teach you to milk my cows if you’d like that!

In person or online, I am devoted to helping you own your pleasure and sensuality, create secure and satisfying relationships, and express your unique blueprint of aliveness.

I believe pussy is the portal.

I want you to have more than
skims off the surface.

This is a call to slow down and melt into a deep consensual relationship with your pussy.

I want you to call forth life force and plumpness
into your pussy.

To attune your nervous system back to pleasure
and joy through therapeutic touch.

To release old emotions and imprints
so you can blossom into your true essence.

I want you to have a palpable connection with the sacredness within you and all around.

To be in focus with your pussy and
your whole body on a daily basis.

And to be emotionally unblocked and
free to express your wild magic.

If you want to know more about me & my work…

I’d love to send you a few free things: 

A free hour-long Touch Your Erotic pre-recorded session to support you in dropping into your body & unleashing your erotic power.

And a few letters where I bust problematic pussy myths, share stories about the wildly divergent ways of pussy, and remind you to nourish and center the root of your being.

Yes, send me the videos and letters!