Pussy Is A Portal To Your………

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On some level you already know…

The aliveness in you cannot be lost. 

Underneath all you’ve been through is a deep well of sensual power. 

Fearlessly creative. Radically enlivening. 

A seed waiting to fill your entire being with pleasure.

And the portal to this power lives in that very special space right between your legs…

Your Pussy

Let’s unleash your erotic flow.

When you cultivate sacred relationship with pussy:

Your body’s wisdom comes through loud and clear.

You might get nauseous if you try and lie to yourself about wanting to fuck after dinner when you’d rather just read Clarissa Pinkola Estes in bed.

Your embodiment practice becomes your favorite daily reward.

Yep, you touch yourself.

Not because you MUST, but because you LOVE to.

You RADIATE your aliveness in the world.

This could look like singing in the grocery store and getting randomly asked on dates by strangers.

You find your people.  

The wild souls who will dance around the fire naked with you. The ones who make you feel alive and inspired.

Financial sovereignty takes on a whole new flavor.

You let money TOUCH you, UNDRESS you, SEDUCE you into the kind of satisfaction that’s abundant.

You widely express your wisdom. Your essence.

You can’t wait for the next opportunity to sit in council with the wise witch between your legs. 

You take your sweet time. 

Under the sheets, in the morning, in the garden face-to-face with the lush red roses, nose nuzzled into their deliciousness.

You stop worrying if you’re too late to have soul-satisfying love, success, joy… 

You’re unphased by the lies of patriarchy that say you need to be faster, smaller, bigger, prettier, younger.  Instead, you embrace the call of the Mother that tells you right-relationship is the medicine of our planet, and your pussy holds the seeds to it.


A Sacred Portal of Connection & Healing

A Wellspring of Body Wisdom & Wellness

The Root of Your Wild Expression

I know you already know this.

Let’s travel home to your embodied knowing.

Hi. I’m Leigh Senna. (She/Her).

I’m a Pussy Priestess.  A sensual badass. A proud freak of nature. An initiated adult. And a witch who farms in the woods.

My ministry is trauma-informed, wildly feminist, and grounded in over two decades of experience.

I’ve worked with more than a thousand students as a Senior Teacher at VITA and mentored many hundreds more in Priestess Presence.

What I most often hear from my students is this:

“Leigh, your transmission is incomparable. 

I feel so fucking connected to myself & my pussy.”

I want us to have more than skims off the surface of our sensuality.

I want us to drink from the depths of our power and pleasure.

There is nothing wrong with anyone who is living on small sips of relief, or even no orgasms at all.

I personally didn’t orgasm until age 29! Even though I had already had a baby. 

I told myself it was okay not to orgasm. Told myself I just wasn’t built like that. I believed the story I had been taught: that my pussy was not for my own pleasure. That it was primarily designed to service a man. 

This was how patriarchy cut me off from my power. 

Not orgasming was normalized in a culture of Extreme Pussy Neglect, where self-touch was a huge taboo, none of the adults were initiated into their own bodies’ wisdom, and pussies were seen as a site for either perfection or performance, or else ignored completely! 

Somewhere in me was a mother, a crone, an old soul who knew there was so much more to my power. There were much deeper depths and way higher highs for me to experience. 

I needed a guide, a coven, a shame-free space to remember.

I needed invitations that sort of scared me.

I needed a slow pace and pressure-free environment.

I needed time – like, a whole 5 years – to reconnect to my pussy authentically, not performatively.

And receiving those things changed my whole damn life.

I became a Pussy DJ Priestess who slings erotic poetry to students worldwide. (Even to my cows!)

I became a wife who marries her heart, breath & pussy whenever she’s in bed with her beloved.

I became a mom who animates her relationship to her daughter with shameless play and permission-giving kitchen dance parties.

So many of us have been denied the guides, covens and shame-free spaces we need to embody and express the sensual power of our pussies.

But it’s not too late.

We’re not too far gone.

We are here now – curious, longing, hungry and ready.

We can Touch again.

We can be the Coven of our witchiest, wildest dreams.

We can remember.